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At Murray we know who we are and we know what we represent and we stay true by focusing on 3 core values:

serves as the foundational building block of our company. From design to delivery, you can count on respect and honesty.

Effort describes what Murray Services’ employees do every day. Going the extra mile is the standard treatment every customer receives from our team.

Experience describes our end goal. We earnestly work to ensure your satisfaction, earn your trust, and give you the experience you deserve.

What product options do you offer?

  • Subsurface Containment Walls
  • Apex® Surface Mounted Containment
  • TuffBase® Tank Pedestal System
  • Containment sumps
  • Containment trays
  • Various Impervious Liners
  • Fencing - cattle panel and chain link
  • Crossovers - gated and non-gated
  • Steel Tank Rings
  • Bentonite


We were not satisfied with the competing surface mounted containment systems on the market so we designed a product that does not require nuts and bolts, can be deployed in hard or frozen soils and has little to no risk when installed in corrosive soils. This containment is easy to palletize and ship. Our goal is to make it so simple that any trusted roustabout can quickly and accurately install after a basic demo.


Similar to the Apex®, we thought there was a better way to elevate the tank up and out of the corrosive conditions near the bottom of the tank. We wanted this option to be more durable, long lasting and user friendly than the competing products which lead us to rotationally molded Poly-Ethylene. With our engineered design we solved the problems associated with construction abuse, wind lift and transportation damage.

How much does it cost?

Please provide details of the product or service you are needing and we would be happy to give you a quote that day.

How long does it take to install?

Our goal is to have a site leader and his crew on site for one day, totaling approximately 25-50 man hours. Rarely do our jobs run into a 2nd day.  In fact, we have built lined containment walls as large as 30,000 square feet in less than a day. Our average time spent on your location is 6 hours. 

How long will it last?

It depends on the soil type, but we have been building this type of wall for 10+ years; and these containments function properly and have maintained their appearance. Corrosive soils and heavy exposure to salt water can cause damage in as little as a few years. The solution offered for corrosive soil and salt water is a 2 part protective coating on the panels and/or some type of liner system.

How much lead time do you need?

3-5 days’ notice is appreciated. Depending on how customized the containment is with special colors and options we can turn around your containment very quickly. It is our goal to build a relationship with our clients, and communication is important to each party accomplishing their respective goals regarding a timeline. Sharing items like a frac schedule or new permits pulled allows us to have material ready for installation. In many cases we deploy within 24 hours of an order. Typically, our schedule is driven by our customer’s needs and we are always flexible.

What color options are available?

We can get close to any shade on the posts and trim allowing you to choose a color that works best for you, the environment, and the landowner. The panel is not as flexible on color. We keep white, grey, brown, and green in stock; but the posts and trim allows you to accent nicely.

Can I get a turnkey option?

Yes. We help our clients set up for production everyday by providing more than just secondary containment. The turnkey option often includes full professional and affordable installation, tank pedestal, pea gravel spreading, fencing, sumps, etc.

What upgrades are available for added strength?

Our walls are 100% customizable and we can add strength in many ways. A few of those are to space posts on 4 foot centers vs. 6 foot centers, make posts longer or coat panels in a 2 part protective coating to help fight corrosion.

How big do I have to make the containment?

You must have secondary containment designed to contain the capacity of the largest single container and sufficient freeboard to contain precipitation. Cited from SPCC Regulations 112.9 (c)(2). Most companies set their own standards above this minimum. Generally 1.5 times the volume of the largest tank is acceptable. Our team will work with you to determine your desired goals around volume requirements. 

What are the benefits of an MSI containment wall?

  • Over 10 Years of Experience
  • 10,000+ Successful Secondary Containments Installed
  • Safety Oriented and OSHA Complian
  • Engineer certified
  • Innovative Products and Practices
  • Sturdy Products and Proven Construction Methods
  • A variety of Impervious Liner Options
  • Attractive and Customizable
  • One-day installation
  • Less Maintenance than Dirt Berms
  • Competitive Prices
  • OSHA Compliant

How does MSI approach safety?

Our entire staff and leadership team is committed completely to the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and everyone impacted by MSI’s operations. To ensure that you are hiring a safe and reliable contractor, we comply fully with ISNetworld, PEC, and other specialized client safety database programs.