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Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study #1

The client had a proven exploration and production strategy and planned to drill approximately 1200 wells that each required secondary containment to meet EPA guidelines. Effective containment is essential as the play is known for producing large amounts of salt water that can be 3 to 5 times more salty than sea water. The customer made a decision to stop using the high maintenance and less dependable dirt berms and partner with Murray Services to have a standardized and cost effective steel containment at every location.

Case 1 - Before

Case 1 - Solution

Case Study #2

The client had instances where farmer’s cattle were grazing over to the production area and licking any kind of leaked chemical or produced fluid it could find. In an effort to keep all livestock healthy, the company called on Murray Services, not only for containment, but for fencing off the containment so no livestock could gain access to any type of leaked fluid.

Case 2 - Solution

Case 2 - Solution

Case Study #3

The client partnered with Murray Services to have weekly deliveries of containments to South Texas, purchased at a wholesale price. Murray Services sent a professional team down for the first two installations to train the company’s roustabouts and ensure the quality of the finished product lived up to the standards previously set by Murray Services crews.

Case 3 - Solution

Case Study #4

Our clients asked for a surface mounted secondary containment solution for 3 main reasons: save on expensive digging equipment and roustabout time, work in hard or frozen soils and wanted something durable in corrosive soils. After much trial and several focused engineering studies, Apex® Surface Mounted Secondary Containment was born. Check out our latest video for a peak at this innovative and patented idea.

Case 4 - Solution