Durable, Tank Saving Technology

How does TuffBase minimize tank bottom corrosion?
  • Designed to elevate the tank and allow for greater movement of air, thus eliminating the electrolyte from the corrosion cell.

Will the field crews like installing the TuffBase?
  • Crew leaders demand the TuffBase once they experience the user friendly features such as center guide holes, grab handles and durability of the product.

What sizes do you offer?
  • 12’, 15.5’ and 21.5’ TuffBases for Flat Bottom Tanks. We can also house a 10’ TuffBase on the 12’ TB.

Is it engineered?
  • Yes. We hired an independent stress analysis and performed rigorous studies on the impact of the tank fluid weight over an extended period of time. We then utilized factors of safety to determine the TuffBases characteristics.

How long does it take to put together?
  • Less than 1 minute majority of the time. Can easily be handled by 2 guys.

How will they arrive?
  • Large shipments stack out on a semi truck. Depending on the TuffBase size we can get anywhere from 12 to 42 TuffBases per load.

What is the height and diameter?
  • TuffBase are 5” tall and all have an extra 3” on the diameter. For example, a 12’ Tank is 144” so the TuffBase would be 147”.

Why 5” Tall?
  • This was the optimal strength to height to weight ratio chosen by the engineers in design.

Does the sun hurt the TuffBase?
  • The Poly-Ethylene plastic chosen for this application has a UV Stabilizer in to combat the sun. In addition to that very little sun actually hits the TuffBase because of its slim design underneath the tank. If the outside was to crack from sun exposure the integrity of the base would not be comprised because of all the internal structure to the TuffBase.

How long is the warranty?
  • 2 years. Chosen because that was 6 months longer than the competitors.

How long have you been selling TuffBases?
  • Since 2015.